How to Upload products in goKraft

How to Upload products in goKraft

1. Click on Sell Now button. 

2. Login to your Account

3. The sell Now page will be Displayed.         

    a) Image upload: The product images can be uploaded here by clicking on browse files.

          b) You can set any of the image of your product as main image i.e., cover image of your product by clicking on the "main" which is shown on the image as shown in below .

4. By deafult Product Type & Listing Type will be selected.

5. Details 

   a) Product Title: Name of the Product. ( The long Titles are are requested)

   b) Category: Please select the category from dropdown list of categories which matches /suitable for your product.

   c) Description: Product Description will be provided here.

6. Check the checkbox :I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions & Click Next.

7. Product Details :

   a) Condition: New

   b) Quantiity: No. of Products quantity

   c) Product Code: Enter unique Code to each product, so that you can track your product.

8. Price: Enter the Product's Price

9. Video Upload: If you have any videos of your product, you can upload here by clicking on browse files else you can skip this step.

10) You can Provide variations for your product as shown in below.

10. Shipping 

     a) Shipping Cost: You can select from the categories of Shipping cost such as "free shipping", "Shipping included ", "Buyer Pays"

If you select Buyer Pays, the additional field will be displayed to enter the shipping cost as shown in below 

   b) Shipping Time: You can select from the dropdownlist as shown in below to ship the product once the user has ordered the product .

11. Click on Save Changes, Once the goKraft Team approves your product, your product will be listed on the Gokraft.