Why handmade products are BEST!

Why handmade products are BEST!

What makes things handmade so special? They often become so important to us that we store them in memory boxes for decades so that we can remember that special moment that was offered to us by a loved one. In one way or another, a lovingly crafted gift expresses love and kindness in a more meaningful way than stores have purchased. And this has nothing to do with skill level, in fact sometimes the most valuable treasures are badly made and crumble! It's really the thought that counts ...

Giving to the hand is really the essence of the gift. When you give a gift to a friend or loved one, you really say, "I care about you." A handmade gift is much more than something that has been removed from a department store display. Of course, supporting independent producers and artists has obvious economic benefits, but buying and giving to the hand is, in the end, a loving act.

If it's done by hand, someone's hands touched that product and put their precious time, attention and love into it. It has a positive power and an integrated soul. Doing things is fun even when it's your job. It is the difference between buying something that has been handcrafted with great care and joy rather than buying a million made in an industrial unit with a machine. Handmade creations are almost made in a space of joy and respect. Everything is more amazing when it is done with a heart.

When you buy a handmade item, you can be sure there will be no more. The manufacturer may have made several that look alike, but since each was made individually and not as part of a factory line, you can be sure that it will not be the same as anything else. available. You can find a hand-made item that fits exactly what you want. You might even be able to buy a custom job and get something that's right for you - it's cool, right ?!

When you do something, you leave a part of yourself there. When you're done creating, you're proud of the work partly because you see yourself there. When you buy something that someone else has made, you find yourself in this purchase. Whether it's the color, texture, shape or just the mood you're in, an article was designed to express the creative spirit that created it is cherished and valued well beyond an article designed for worldly mass consumption.

“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” – Chuck Klosterman

Reasons to buy handmade products

  • The person who has everything
  • You determine the quality
  • Customization
  • Unexpected
  • Unique 
  • Usually cheaper
  • Thoughtful
  • Do what you like
  • Gift they will cherish

But what about the handmade creations we buy from people we do not know, maybe in a gift shop or in online stores. Why do we value such things?

However, nothing beats the satisfaction of doing things yourself. This increases your confidence and improves your self-esteem and you see yourself as a creative and capable person. What you create is unique, it's tailor-made, it's your style and you do it exactly the way you want it. Handmade is personal, individual and has character and it's a great way to show someone that you love them.

I'm sure you can find other good reasons to love the handmade. Add them to the comments and tell me what are the things you love most by handmade!